We are facing an unknown future dealing with the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus in our city and our country.

Based on the information we have received from our scientists and leaders and speaking to others in Presbytery, the Session feels that in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our congregation (as well as others using our space, including our Catholic friends and the Jupiter Orchestra) we will cancel our Sunday services until we are advised by the State/City government when it is safe to open.

This decision is difficult, as coming together as a community of Christ is paramount to our faith. We feel it is in the broader public good, and for the protection of those who worship with us, to cancel services.

We hope to worship together again soon.  However, this will depend on the course of the virus in the next few weeks.  At present, we will follow scientific and health recommendations, which urge (and even decree) that we make an effort to contain this virus by practicing social distancing, and quarantine if we have been exposed or feel symptoms.  We must also protect our older members and those with health issues who are especially vulnerable.

Isolation is difficult even under normal circumstances and it is certainly not conducive to our faithful community worship.  So we urge you to keep in touch with one another - feel free to call, email, or text to stay in contact with others.

We know a number of churches are providing an audio, video, or are live-steaming their services. Please make use of the following websites which present services and will aid in your worship life while we are apart.

Faithfully yours,

Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church Session

Here are the churches who are either live-streaming or offer audio or video services.  Please click on the links below to go to the sites.

Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church live-streams their services online.

The Brick Presbyterian Church live-streams their services online.  (Click on the "watch live" button in the upper right.) 

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church has (and will) put a video of their services on their YouTube Channel. 

First Presbyterian Church offers an audio worship service with scripture, sermon, hymns and prayers.

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